An abundance of achievements

​Tuesday 7th March was unforgettable for the Kavanagh family as mum Jody and daughter Chrystal crossed the stage to receive their Diplomas of Nursing from Careers Australia. Like mother, like daughter, these graduates have a special bond after supporting each other in the classroom and at home on their education journeys.

Both mother and daughter were inspired by each other as they progressed through their studies. Chrystal said; “When I finished high school I didn’t feel ready to go to University alone. I have always been really close to my mum and I have a passion for nursing so when mum decided to enrol with Careers Australia it seemed like the obvious choice to join her.

“Studying nursing has changed my life by opening up lots of learning experiences and the opportunity to live my dream as a nurse. I have been offered a job in the ICU ward at the Mater Hospital and I am so happy.”

“We both have a passion for helping people” said mum Jody. “I’ve always wanted to be a nurse but family commitments were my priority. I found as my kids got older I had the time to commit to further study. When Chrystal showed an interest in studying with me I knew we would both gain so much from the experience, I knew it was the right time.

“I recently started working as an enrolled nurse at a specialist practice and the other week I said to a patient “Hi I’m Jody and I’ll be your nurse today.” I stopped and looked around waiting for a real nurse to come in but no, it’s me! I realised at that moment, I am living my dream!”

National Program Manager for Nursing Susie Gray said demand was outstripping availability in Careers Australia’s Diploma of Nursing course nationally.

“We offer the diploma at five campuses across the country with about 2,500 students enrolled but regulation limits the number of students we can start each year and we have waiting lists,” Ms Gray said.

“Hospitals across Australia always need healthcare professionals but the ageing population and increased complexity of health needs will see even more demand for highly-skilled, well-rounded nurses.

“Nursing is a largely future-proof career and there are great opportunities for both school leavers and those looking for a change of direction just like Jody and Chrystal. It’s not an easy diploma but it is extremely rewarding.”